What could you do if you knew when the traffic lights would change?

Green Driver is a high-tech startup based in Eugene, Oregon that collects real-time traffic signal information, and uses it to:

  • Increase safety at intersections
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce stress of driving
  • Enhance convenience

Green Driver uses existing infrastructure to communicate with traffic controllers and vehicles—there is no need for the expensive municipal and in-vehicle equipment installations required with other approaches to vehicle-signal communication.

With eight cities and most of the state of Utah already online, and many more cities at various stages, Green Driver aims to become the leading source of traffic signal data, providing added value to manufacturers, drivers and local traffic regulation agencies.

Our EnLighten smartphone (iPhone and Android) app already provides drivers with predictions about how long they will be stopped at lights, and we are actively developing exciting new applications.

If you are in one of our covered regions you can download EnLighten for your phone and See the light.™

EnLighten was recently featured on KVAL's TV news: